The first Methodist Chapel in Bramley was built in 1777, on the site of the existing Trinity Methodist Church and from this date the message has been preached ever since.

Due to a steady growth the chapel was enlarged in 1802. The Society also grew in importance. In 1811 Bramley, which had been connected with and was part of the Leeds Circuit, became the Head of a new Circuit which embraced Armley, Pudsey and Horsforth.

To accommodate this two preachers’ houses were built in Wesley Terrace in 1810 called Wesley Villas and still exist today. In 1823 the old chapel was demolished, and a new Wesleyan Chapel was built and opened in 1824. Some twelve years later the Sunday school building was enlarged by adding an upper storey, which became the old church as most of us knew it for it was not until 1873 that the Superintendent Minister at the time, Reverend John Russell, first named our historical chapel “Brunswick”.

There were three Methodist chapels within a stone’s throw of each other in the centre of Town Street, viz Moriah, Wesley Place and Brunswick. In 1956 these three congregations came together under the one roof. The new United society intended to build an entire new chapel, but it was impossible to raise sufficient money to build and this is when ‘Brunswick’ Chapel was re-named Trinity. Alterations were carried out, removing the balcony and pitching the roof as we know it today, and the new church was re-opened in 1967.

By the mid 1990s it became apparent that the church was again in need of modification. After many years of contemplation and various schemes, the re-development of the building, as we know it today, was completed in 2009 and opened Wednesday the 1st July.

Since the latest redevelopment the church has grown in many ways. Its church membership and Sunday school have grown, and we have seen an increase of activities which have had an outreach effect in the neighbourhood. The monthly community lunch, the weekly mums and tots, (Trinitots), the art groups coupled with the three weekly coffee mornings has brought the church to the forefront of the community. A large contributing factor to this is its easy access and inviting appearance, which has resulted in a number of community based activities using our modern premises.

The church’s main function is to be a House of God and to receive into its fellowship the people of Bramley, through its worship, prayer and praise - these goals are being achieved. We must not forget our past brothers and sisters who, over many years, have developed the chapel in Bramley, giving of their time and talents, as has recently been demonstrated during the past re-development.